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About Personal Training

Each new day is an opportunity to improve yourself. Take it and make the most of it. 

If you’ve been thinking about joining a  gym but need a kickstart, perhaps a personal trainer would help you…

For many people committing to a personal trainer more often than not, means they are more likely to turn up at the gym. No excuses!

Our personal trainers here at Platinum Gym and Fitness will create tailored training programmes, alongside nutrition and diet advice to help you on your journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Each session is designed specifically for you and aimed around your ability and goals.

We have male and female personal trainers offering a range of personalised services, tailored to suit your exacting requirements.

Whether you want one on one training or help and advice about your diet and nutrition, or both, they are here to help you on your fitness journey.

For more details please contact us on 0115 9445 007

First Time Assessment

The first time you get together with one of our personal trainers they will carry out a full assessment to ensure that you get what you want from your sessions together.

They will carry out a fitness test to see where you are at physically and put together a training programme specifically for you.

They will also offer advice on diet and nutrition.

No Pain, No Gain


    Real Results.

I highly recommend the personal trainers at Platinum Gym. They gave me the push I needed to start sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise programme. They made me accountable and that was what I needed to get myself in shape.

John F

I wouldn’t have achieved what I hav e without my personal trainer pushing me and checking up on me. They made me accountable and that made me stick to a healthier diet. I would highly recommend a personal trainer.

Martin S

My personal trainer really encouraged me to stick to my healthy eating programme by reminding me that what I did in the gym was backed up by my diet. I highly recommend getting some one to one sessions in.

Tracie C

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

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